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Semi dedicated server accounts

Having more supplemental supplies and autonomy for your sites is always a favorable opportunity. The semi dedicated servers hosting plans provided by 'Exclusive Hosting' are fully furnished with everything more popular weblogs would demand for brisker site loading under serious Internet traffic conditions. Matched with virtual server hosting accounts, the semi-dedicated server web hosting plans also distribute unlimited domain name hosting opportunities, but deliver a lot more microprocessor and web hosting server reserves, because of the fewer semi-dedicated hosting account holders sharing the very same very powerful web hosting server. On the other hand, you still have the semi-dedicated web server industry’s foremost web hosting CP - Hepsia. As a standard equipment, at no extra charge. You will tremendously esteem the user-friendly File Manager, the Domain Manager and the Email Manager, the One-click App Installer and the Site Installer interfaces.

Plan Details Shuttle Rocket
Monthly Charge
Web Server Space Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Server CPU Limit 200% 100%
MySQL Queries 130 000 / hour 90 000 / hour
MySQL 5 DBs Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Web Server Space Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Site Names Unlimited Unlimited
eMail Boxes Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
One-click App Installer
Site Installer
Free Web Site Design Skins
Web Service Availability